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AM Production AB

Get The Job Done "Firestarter"



AM Production AB offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep management knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization in various industries. Since opening our doors in 2000, we are proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients. Want to experience the expertise of AM Production AB for yourself? Give us a call today and let us discuss what we can do for you.



Do you have a clear course and a working roadmap? Do all employees work accordingly? Are you stuck on 
the way after a well-defined strategic plan is launched? Have you felt a difference in 
the work environment/quiet workplace? The new office must be flexible, how do you lead it today and going forward?


The challenges are many and a due diligence is a successful way to go through the current state of a business in order to 
ignite the driving force and create desire and ability in Leaders and Employees for change.
A translucency can be successfully used, for example:

  • In case of strong and through rapid growth, the organization does not have time to keep up with the changes

  • When a change has stalled

  • In the event of high staff absenteeism and/or high staff turnover

  • Dissatisfied customers/poor results

  • Cooperation problems between different organizational parts

  • Before a reorganization or centralization/decentralization

  • When the whole is difficult to overview

  • Before digitization work


We implement and support in a very concrete and feasible way, we deliver a roadmap with recommendations for improvements in the organization. (NÖHRA model) Communication and involvement are two key terms throughout the process to the entire organization.



Previous experiences with reviews and completed change assignments:  

  • Swedish Housing / IT Operation / Support / System development in a so-called standardization project, Effects = Fixed IT costs SEK -3 million and 25% of the hidden IT costs

  • Nordisk Film / Merger of companies / analog to digital film production at the laboratory. Effects = from SEK -26 M to one  0 results 

  • Swedish Film Industry (SF) / establishment of new Nordic central Coordination department Nordic coordination, Effects = 75% reduced production costs for distribution to regardless of window; (home entertainment)

  • Film Capital Stockholm / scale-up of a regional film fund to attract film shoots to the region, Effects = doubled number of members + SEK 70 million invested in film production - The filming back in the Greater Stockholm-Mälardalen Region.

  • Storyfire Film production, organizational screening (due diligence) and a savings program during a burning pandemic = SEK -2.2 million of fixed costs

All assignments began with a current situation analysis and were reviewed together with staff and management on site. 

All assignments required coaching/mentoring by leaders as well as employees.



CFO Media company

An incredible colleague and boss.
Straightforward, clear and professional. A person you want to work with, full of energy and you are simply happy to see her.
Hope our paths cross again soon

COO VFX Company

You continue to inspire and be my image of leadership, with your qualities as a guiding light I recently received these comments    "Proof of Concept"

Thanks for all the wisdom you shared with me this year. I learned a lot from you and even if there are still many things that I have to master. But now I have a role model. Serously if someone asked me to name a person of the year that would be you. 


Still learning from you as I aspire to be a leader like you in the future.

Daila Lama   

You see people -

Use it! 

Communication stateg 

Anette is a primordial force. A driven and progressive leader, always with a good mood and a big smile. With her large portion of courage and focus on leading the process forward, it has been a great pleasure and very inspiring to work together with Anette.

It is clear that the sky is the limit for this woman and it will be very exciting to follow where she chooses to put her focus in the future.

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